Al Muraba attracts talented Saudis and highlights their artwork in Riyadh season 2021

The works of art of many Saudi talents met in the Murabba region, one of the regionsRiyadh Season 2021“The season is of great interest among the audience.
The square, which offers the most luxurious brands of high-end shops, restaurants and cafes in addition to other entertainment activities, does not overlook the presence of Saudi artwork in a modern and modern way.

In this area, a place was reserved for all kinds of art, which would display national works, including abstract art, depending on the models, shapes, and abstract angles that did not correspond to the images and scenes in their original and realistic form. 10 paintings by abstract artist Fahd Al-Hassan participating in the “Morabaa” section.

The works were located on an area of ​​16 square meters in the eastern part of the region, which ensures seasonal support for young employees, refining their skills and providing the opportunity to nurture their creativity.

Al-Hassan explained that his talent started 8 years ago as he used his talents for the 2021 Riyadh season, which gave him the opportunity to participate and present his works to the audience, and that his start was by showing his drawings. It inspired him until social networking sites became real on the field.

Al-Hasan shows many paintings and stories in the corner through his paintings, each painting suggesting a different story from the other, relying on imaginatively inspired images and shapes.