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Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

Blackmailer of women jobseekers arrested

Blackmailer of women jobseekers arrested

A Saudi citizen, who is accused of blackmailing several women jobseekers, was arrested. An official source at the Public Prosecution said that a public lawsuit was filed against the blackmailer and he was referred to court for the trial procedures.
According to the source, investigations of the Public Prosecution Office have proven that the citizen succeeded in cheating a number of women jobseekers. The man communicated with the women and lured them through social media with a false promise that he would find them a job.

Accordingly, he managed to obtain their personal data and photos, in addition to copies of official documents and national IDs. He then stored them on his mobile phone and started blackmailing them with bad intentions. The Public Prosecution has demanded the court to award him severe penalties.

The Public Prosecution source emphasized that such acts are among the major crimes, the perpetrators of which would face punitive measures.

The source called on everyone to protect their personal credentials and data, and not to disclose it to anyone except to official authorities or through approved channels in this regard.

At the same time, the source stressed that the Public Prosecution is continuing to combat fraud in all its forms and manifestations and that whoever lures to exploit people and obtain their personal data, with the intention of harming or blackmailing, will be referred to the competent court to apply severe penalties against him.

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