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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Border Guard thwarts smuggling of 708,910 amphetamine tablets in Kingdom's regions

The official spokesman of the General Directorate of Border Guard Col. Misfir Al-Quraini has stated that security follow-up to the attempts to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom resulted in thwarting a number of attempts by the land and sea patrols in the regions of Jazan, Najran, Asir, Jouf, and Tabuk.
The attempts have been to smuggle (708,910) amphetamine tablets, two tons and (136) kilograms of hashish, (80) tons and (528) kilograms of the narcotic plant khat.

He pointed to the arrest of (120) suspects, including (40) citizens, and (80) violators of the border security system including: (47) Yemenis, (27) Ethiopians, (2) Somalis, (2) Egyptians, and one Pakistani and one Jordanian, noting that initial legal measures were taken against them and they in addition to the seized items were handed over to the competent authority.

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