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Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Census 2022: Over 4 million Saudis, expats take part through self-enumeration

Census 2022: Over 4 million Saudis, expats take part through self-enumeration

The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) revealed that more than four million citizens and expatriates have so far participated in the Saudi Census 2022 by choosing self-enumeration, since the start of the actual headcount and data collection on May 10.
Muhammad Al-Dakhini, spokesman of the authority, emphasized that participation in the census is mandatory.

He stated that registration and filling up their data electronically in the self-enumeration system will come to a close by the end of Wednesday, May 25 and participation in the census through enumerators’ visits to households will be the only way available after this date.

Saudis and expatriates can fill out the census form via the self-enumeration link:

The citizens and residents can fill out the data electronically without the need to wait for the enumerator’s visit. They can fill out the form at any place and time that they find suitable during the specified period.

They can fill in part of the data and complete the rest at a later time. There are several other languages available on the website that helps non-native speakers of Arabic.

The steps to participate in the self-enumeration start by visiting the Saudi Census 2022’s portal, then clicking on the “self-enumeration” icon, after then, persons must log in through the Unified National Access Platform or via the GASTAT’s portal.

Citizens and residents could also fill in their data through self-enumeration stations located in various shopping centers, as it helps individuals and heads of families to fill out the census form with the help of the census employee.

The GASTAT spokesman urged citizens and residents to take advantage of the self-enumeration option and complete filling out in their data before the deadline expires on Wednesday.

He lauded the awareness of citizens and residents and their response to the census employees from the authority.

“No financial fine will be imposed on citizens and expatriates due to their refraining from participating or not providing the required data during the past period. Participation in the census through self-enumeration is considered sufficient and this will help enumerators avoid visiting each and every home,” he said.

Al-Dakhini said that it is possible to participate in the self-enumeration through the census link on the GASTAT portal, and access to the self-enumeration website requires the presence of an account in Absher for the head of the family, so that the participant can obtain a rapid response code through the Nafath portal.

One can login through Nafath platform to retrieve the data available in his Absher account to complete the questionnaire faster or through GASTAT portal by creating a new account.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Census 2022 is the fifth census in the history of Saudi Arabia, and it aims to cover all the population of the Kingdom, to collect accurate statistical data that contribute to formulating policies, preparing future plans, and directing projects according to the needs of the population in all regions of the Kingdom.

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