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Monday, Aug 15, 2022

Civil Defense urges all to stay away from torrential rains areas

Civil Defense urges all to stay away from torrential rains areas

The Civil Defense has urged everyone to stay away from the places where there is a likelihood of thunderstorms and torrential rains.
The Civil Defense’s urging came along with its announcement of the continuation of chances of thunderstorms in most regions of Saudi Arabia, which will start from Saturday, July 30, until Wednesday, Aug. 3.

The regions of Asir, Najran, Jazan and Al Baha will be affected by moderate to heavy rain, in addition to brisk winds that may lead to torrential rains, the Civil Defense said.

It noted that Riyadh, Eastern Province, Qassim and Hail regions might be affected by light to moderate rain.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) said that the continuation of rain also includes the Makkah region.

The official spokesman of the Directorate, Col. Mohammed Al Hammadi, said that everyone should be careful of the potential risks that may occur in such rainy weather, and stay away from places where torrents emerge.

He also asked everyone to abide by the instructions of the Civil Defense that they announce through their official media and websites in order to keep them safe from any danger.

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