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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Crown Prince concludes visit to Madinah

Crown Prince concludes visit to Madinah

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman concluded a two-day visit to Madinah. Prince Mohammed left Madinah early Friday.
The crown prince was accompanied by Prince Faisal bin Salman, Governor of Madinah, and a number of senior officials.

The prince visited the Prophet’s Mosque during his trip to Islam’s second holiest city, where he prayed at the Prophet’s Mosque.

He also prayed at the Rawdah, a place lies between the Sacred Chamber (known as the Prophet’s house), and the Prophet’s Minbar (or pulpit).

Prince Mohammed bin Salman also visited and prayed at the Quba Mosque in Madinah and announced the largest expansion in the history of the mosque.

Quba Mosque was the first mosque in the history of Islam, and the first mosque built in Madinah.

He also received prominent scholars and excellencies, and a group of citizens who came to greet him, at Taiba Palace in Madinah.

The crown prince arrived in Madinah on Thursday morning.

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