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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Daesh leader in Syria killed in US drone strike

Daesh leader in Syria killed in US drone strike

The US Central Command Forces conducted on Tuesday a UAS strike in northwest Syria targeting two senior so-called Daesh (ISIS) officials.
"Maher Al-Agal, one of the top five Daesh leaders and the leader of Daesh in Syria, was killed in the strike," said a CENTCOM statement.

"A senior Daesh official closely associated with Maher was seriously injured during the strike."

"Extensive planning went into this operation to ensure its successful execution," the statement said, adding, "An initial review indicates there were no civilian casualties."

Commenting on the strike, CENTCOM spokesperson Joe Buccino said, "The removal of these Daesh leaders will disrupt the terrorist organization's ability to further plot and carry out global attacks."

He stressed that Daesh "continues to represent a threat to the US and partners in the region."

"CENTCOM maintains a sufficient and sustainable presence in the region and will continue to counter threats against regional security," he added.

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