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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

Early results of Saudi Arabia’s Qusairat Aad archaeological excavations revealed

Early results of Saudi Arabia’s Qusairat Aad archaeological excavations revealed

The preliminary results of archaeological excavations carried out this year at the Qusairat Aad site in Al-Aflaj governorate were revealed on Monday by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.
The excavations aim to show aspects of the region’s cultural heritage and answer questions about the site’s chronology, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The excavations carried out this season included three places in different areas to get as much information as possible and paint a picture that would enable a comprehensive plan for fieldwork in the coming seasons.

An archaeological survey of the springs, canals and water facilities was carried out and documented to reflect their nature as one of the largest networks in the Arabian Peninsula. Archaeological probes were conducted in the vast areas around the water channels, revealing models of agricultural basins and surface water channels that represent a crop irrigation system.

The most important archaeological discovery for the commission was in the residential area, which revealed a building with high fortifications. The building consists of residential units and public facilities.

Inside these units, plaster and pottery ovens were found for daily uses such as storage, cooking and washing.
The findings showed diversity in their material, functions and uses.

They also indicated the contemporaneity of the site with the one in Al-Faw, Wadi Al-Dawasir governorate, in terms of construction methods, manufacturing materials, and the decoration and function of the pottery finds.

In January, a commission’s team carried out a field tour of the Qusairat Aad site, which paved the way for the launch of a project to study it and its associated sites.

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