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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Egypt kicks up a storm with hefty fines for ‘faulty’ weather forecasts

Egypt kicks up a storm with hefty fines for ‘faulty’ weather forecasts

Egyptians delivering incorrect weather forecasts through media channels or providing weather information without a license could face fines of up to 5 million Egyptian pounds ($205,000) under a new draft law.
The law approved by the Egyptian Cabinet sets out to regulate the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, and imposes penalties starting at 100,000 Egyptian pounds on anyone who issues meteorological data, information or studies and falsely attributes them to the EMA.

It also targets those who buy devices, meteorological stations, or stations specialized in measuring solar radiation or ozone without the approval of the EMA or in violation of the technical specifications approved by the authority.

Under the law, the court will be able confiscate devices, equipment and tools used in committing the crime in favor of the EMA.

The draft law authorizes the EMA to issue permits or approvals for fieldwork and deliver all types of meteorological services on a local, regional and worldwide scale, based on the standards approved by the World Meteorological Organization.

It stipulates that the authority is responsible for broadcasting the information through various media outlets.

In addition to participating in the study and investigation of accidents that occur as a result of weather change, the authority also contributes to encouraging scientific research in the field of meteorology.

According to the draft law, the EMA is also in charge of representing Egypt in international organizations, bodies, federations, conferences, and meetings related to meteorology, as well as monitoring scientific development in the field.

The EMA was set up under presidential decree No. 2934 of 1971.

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