Exit for 7,390 Asian, Arab expats in Riyadh region last month

The Labor Relations Department at the Riyadh branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development had completed final exit procedures for a total of 7,390 Asian and Arab nationals during the last month.
This was after completion of the procedures of payment of necessary fees by the employers at the end of the contractual relationship between the employer and the workers.Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi, director general of the branch, said that the department had settled during the same period the claims of 71 dead workers, amounting to a total of SR961,017, and that was in coordination with the embassies of their respective countries or their families.

Al-Harbi said that these efforts come within the framework of the tasks of the Labor Relations Department.

These tasks included receiving and dealing with cases of runaway workers (huroob), transferring sponsorship services of workers to other employers without referring to the original employer, and issuing work permit for the purpose of final exit in the event of the expiry of residency permit (iqama).