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Saturday, Dec 10, 2022

EXPRO launches insurance for VVIP, VIP government staff

EXPRO launches insurance for VVIP, VIP government staff

The Expenditure and Project Efficiency Authority (EXPRO) has introduced a health insurance scheme for VVIP and VIP categories of government employees.
The first category of VVIP is pertaining to senior administrative positions, leaders, and consultants, while the second category of VIP includes middle administrative positions, and specialized, technical, and support positions.

The terms and conditions of the framework agreement for the updated health insurance, which was approved by Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EXPRO Muhammad Al-Jadaan, include adding the advantage of compensable expenses and adding the option of health insurance for unskilled jobs for non-Saudi workers.

The amendments included raising the annual limit for parents to SR500,000, and canceling the provision of prior approval. With regard to pricing the insurance cost, the amendments included reducing the time period for receiving quotations to seven days, pricing with the use of unified price for insurance categories instead of pricing by age groups, adding indicators to measure the performance of contractors, developing a schedule of fines, and adding periodic performance reports to monitor the performance of insurance policies in a better manner.

It was stated in the amendments that work is underway with the National Center for Government Resources Systems (NCGR) to add an electronic market for health insurance on the Etimad platform so as to enable government agencies to offer closed competition between the parties to the framework agreement, issue purchase orders, delete and add and conclude the procedures for contractors’ dues.

The schedule of benefits included that the total annual limit of the policy is SR500,000, and treatment outside the Kingdom is allowed from the document for the first SR50,000 spent abroad, and what exceeds those expenses is calculated according to the prevailing prices for service providers in Saudi Arabia.

The EXPRO has sent circulars in this regard to 138 government agencies, represented by ministries, agencies, universities, government institutions, government hospitals, government centers, research and fatwas, and specialized cities, in addition to many other agencies.

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