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Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

Farabi Petrochemicals wins ‘Best Environmental Performer’ among Jubail Primary Industries for third consecutive year

Farabi Petrochemicals has yet again been awarded as the Best Environmental Performer – 2nd Place for the year 2021 among Jubail Primary Industries by Royal Commission for Jubail (RCJ) during World Environment Day ceremony on 05 June 2022, at the Royal Commission in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
Led by Dr. Ahmed Al Hussain, RCJ CEO, the ceremony was attended by heads and executives from various companies in Jubail primary industries.

Started in 2006, the RCJ’s Environmental Performance Award aims to recognize industries who achieved targets based on environmental standards set by the Commission. The 2021 recognition marks the 5th time Farabi Petrochemicals has won in the last 7 years: 2015 (2nd place), 2016 (1st place), 2019 (1st place), 2020 (3rd place), 2021 (2nd place).

“The award recognizes Farabi’s distinctive performance as the leading petrochemical company in the downstream hydrocarbon processing industries and its pursuit to become the world’s leader in Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) production and our ongoing efforts to carbon neutral circular economy and sustainable production”, said Engr. Mohammed Al Wadaey, Farabi Petrochemicals CEO.“HSSSQ is a core objective that the company is committed to achieve. Farabi continue to steward its sustainability intensity targets that include, CO2 emission reduction, energy and water consumption reduction, and waste generation reduction among others”, he added.

Farabi other than achieving its operational targets, as part of its objectives ensures that the community where it operates understands the value of its operation by incorporating programs that impact the communities. These include conducting outreach, engagements, community development and tree planting activities.Engr. Al Wadaey in a company annual gathering, expressed his appreciation to the employees for their efforts in achieving Farabi’s objectives saying, “Company achievements are results by calibrating individual efforts at the company targets collectively.”

In May 2022, Farabi recorded a total of 14 million man-hours without lost workday injury or illness positioning the company as a leader not only in environmental performance but including health and safety performance.

Farabi Petrochemicals is an ISO and Responsible Care certified company.

Established in 2006, its flagship facility in Jubail Industrial City, Farabi Petrochemicals started with 190 KT combined capacity of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) and Normal Paraffin (NP). Within the span of 6 years, the company doubled its annual capacity to 400 KT.

In 2020, Farabi increased its capacity, diversified its products, and added downstream surfactants and specialty chemicals in its portfolio by expanding its Jubail site and constructing a new facility in Yanbu Industrial City.

Today, Farabi Petrochemicals has a combined total of more than 1400 KT annual capacity of LAB, NP, intermediates, solvents, and other specialty chemicals.

The company uses UOP Technology that produces renewable feeds and is currently the largest N-Paraffin and second largest LAB producer in the world.

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