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Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022

First MoH center for elderly and geriatrics opened in Makkah

First MoH center for elderly and geriatrics opened in Makkah

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health opened its first center for the elderly and geriatric diseases at King Abdulaziz Hospital here on Monday.
Acting CEO of Makkah Health Cluster Dr. Hatem Al-Omari inaugurated the center in the presence of Director General of Home Healthcare and Geriatrics at MoH Dr. Walid Al-Koridi and CEO of King Abdulaziz Hospital Dr. Ahed Aqeel.

Dr. Al-Omari was briefed on the services launched by the Executive Department for Operations represented by the Hospitality Services Department, which integrated a host of services in one site to facilitate the procedures much easier for the beneficiaries.

The site provides several services, including printing and reporting, medical coordination and treatment eligibility, family management and entry to office, reservation of outpatient appointments, opening medical file, receiving outpatient referrals, as well as booking appointments of medical committees.

The center is considered as the first center at the level of the Ministry of Health hospitals, in order to provide consultancy services with regard to the required treatment and preventive measures for the elderly.

It mainly focuses on evaluating the cases of elderly people from the age of 65 years and above to assess and diagnose conditions related to their health such as cognitive impairment, memory impairment, functional deterioration and drug overdose and so on

This is in addition to providing appropriate treatment after examining the medical condition. The center also provides homecare services for appropriate cases that meet the conditions.

The center is among the tracks of the modern healthcare model, which aims to promote health through the prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities among the elderly people.

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