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Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Force Houthi militia to halt laying mines, Yemeni minister tells the world

Force Houthi militia to halt laying mines, Yemeni minister tells the world

Yemeni Minister of Information Muammar Al-Eryani has called on the international community, the United Nations and UN Special Envoy to put pressure on Houthi militia to halt manufacturing and laying all kinds of mines, and hand over the maps of minefields to his government.
He sought support for the Yemeni government’s programs to clear Yemeni lands of mines, as well as to rehabilitate the injured and reintegrate them into society.

Al-Eryani said in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (SABA) that the Houthi militia laid mines in public and private facilities, homes, markets, main and secondary streets and farms, without differentiating between a civilian and military target. He said tens of thousands of civilians, mostly women, children and elderly people, were killed or maimed by the mines planted by the militia.

Al-Eryani pointed out that civilian casualties continue on an almost daily basis as a result of the mines that were planted in populated areas in various Yemeni governorates. He added that the mines prevent millions of others from returning to their homes, villages and farms to lead their normal lives.

He praised the efforts of his country’s government, through the National Mine Action Program with support of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Masam project to clear the Yemeni lands of mines, in addition to providing medical and psychological support to the injured and educate local communities on the dangers of mines and how to deal with them.

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