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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

FSC warns against hiring runaway housemaids

FSC warns against hiring runaway housemaids

The Federation of Saudi Chambers (FSC), represented by the National Committee for the Human Resources Companies, has warned citizens against rackets that engage in cheating over hiring house workers.
They try to deceive citizens with fake offers to provide domestic labor services or transfer of services of domestic workers for small amounts. Recently, these elements have resorted to publishing advertisements through various social media outlets to lure citizens who seek to recruit domestic workers.

They employ various fraudulent methods as part of tempting citizens to make payment for the completion of the process of transferring services of domestic workers.

They use WhatsApp and social networking sites to entrap citizens, and give them fake links for the purpose of completing the process of transferring services and subsequently sums are being withdrawn from their accounts.

They exploit the names of well-known companies for these links so that it is easy to deceive citizens.

Yazid Al-Eidan, vice president for operational affairs at the National Recruitment Company (NATREC) and a member of the Committee for Human Resources Companies at FSC, told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that there has been a surge in fake offers for domestic workers, especially before the holy month of Ramadan.

“The main reason for the phenomenon of runaway cases is the presence of people who benefit from the illegal practice of giving shelter and providing jobs for runaway maids in order to achieve illegal financial gains,” he said.

He noted that this is a violation of the regulations that are in force in the Kingdom, which is to cover up the runaway workers. He also cautioned the heads of households not to deal with these rackets.

For his part, Saeed Al-Harthy, executive vice president of the Badal Company for Human Resources and a member of the Coordinating Council for Human Resources and Recruitment Companies, said that citizens need to bear full responsibility for the possible consequences after hiring illegally domestic workers, who come through unknown individuals.

He stated that there are gangs who engage in inciting maids to run away and make money through allowing them to work with citizens other than their sponsors illegally. Here the victim is the citizen, who deals in good faith without knowing the background of this domestic worker.

On his part, Ali Abu Sarhad, CEO of the International Recruitment Company, said that many citizens are being deceived by fake advertisements, thinking that they are original ones as these appear in the name of well-known human resources recruitment companies.

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