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Saturday, Jul 02, 2022

Gas stations cannot insist on Mada cards for e-payment: Ministry

Gas stations cannot insist on Mada cards for e-payment: Ministry

The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) has said gas stations in Saudi Arabia cannot refuse Visa or other cards and insist that customers use only Mada cards for e-payments.
The ministry’s clarification came after a person inquired about his rights, saying the gas station he goes to requires customers to pay using Mada cards.

The ministry said as long as there is a sign saying the gas station accepts e-payment, then the workers at the station have no right to reject payment by any of the approved cards.

If the gas station refuses the consumer’s request to pay with a card other than Mada, he must submit a detailed report about the incident through the Balagh Tijari app so that the authorities can take the necessary measures, the ministry said.

The ministry clarified the method of submitting the complaint through the application: The individual must log on to the ministry’s official website, choose the Balagh Tijari app, select the type of violation, fill out the form to report the violation and finally press send.

After one day of submitting the report, the user will receive a message containing the number of the report he registered, in addition to notifications about the procedures implemented by the authorities to deal with the violation.

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