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Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Insurance for domestic workers may be approved soon, says Human Resource Ministry

Insurance for domestic workers may be approved soon, says Human Resource Ministry

A spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has confirmed the imminent approval of insurance for domestic labor contracts.
During an interview with AlEkhbariya, Saad Al-Hammad Al-Hammad said insuring domestic labor contracts was very important as it would protect and conserve the rights of both the employers and the workers.

He stated that the procedures of the scheme were in the final phase of completion before linking it with the Musaned platform.

The insurance would conserve the right of the employer by compensating them with expenses of recruiting a replacement worker in the event of the death of the worker.

Additionally, it would protect the employer’s right in the event of a worker’s inability to work because of chronic and critical diseases. Also, the employer will be compensated if the worker refused to work or abstains from work.

With regard to the rights of domestic workers, Al-Hammad said the decision would contribute to compensating the worker in the event of permanent total disability or permanent partial disability resulting from an accident. This will increase the attractiveness of the Saudi labor market, he added.

Al-Hammad confirmed that in the event of recruitment offices failing to abide by the cost of hiring a worker, it might result in directly withdrawing the permits.

He stressed the importance of raising awareness among employers to conclude contracts only through the Musaned platform.

The MHRSD earlier called on recruitment companies and establishments not to cross the upper ceiling of the approved costs for hiring domestic workers.

“All recruitment firms that are providing brokerage services in hiring domestic workers shall comply with the directive that the recruitment cost shall not exceed the maximum cost ceiling set by the ministry,” the ministry said in a statement.

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