Interior minister approves new Civil Defense regulations

The Civil Defense teams will stop the search operation for missing persons after 21 days of all out efforts to trace them since receiving information about the missing.
This provision is part of the new regulations of firefighting and rescue work at the General Directorate of Civil Defense, approved by Minister of Interior Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Saud.There is a clause in the regulations that stipulates that the search period could be extended for a similar period with an approval from the minister.

According to the sixth article of the new regulations, the Civil Defense would undertake search and rescue operations for missing persons in accidents of fire, torrential rain, avalanches, landslides, or falling from heights and rugged mountainous areas, or falling into wells.

The search mission will stop after 21 days of the notification, after making all possible efforts to trace the missing persons.

The new rules aim to regulate firefighting and rescue mission of the Civil Defense, and define the powers and responsibilities to be shouldered by the Civil Defense personnel during the implementation of these works.

The regulations will come into force after 90 days from the date of its issuance. A sub-committee of the Civil Defense will be formed to review the regulations every five years.

According to the third article of the regulations, the Civil Defense should take all available measures and means to deal with incidents that threaten the safety of life and public and private property in times of peace, war and emergency.

The priority is to protect the human being according to the regulation. The fourth article clarified that the role of the Civil Defense, when attending vehicle accident cases, is to undertake the work of firefighting and rescue and taking out trapped persons.