Justice Ministry eases Covid restrictions, allows lawyers entry to all courts

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has allowed lawyers to enter all courts, enabling clients to access their services at the reception areas of enforcement courts without prior appointments.
“The decision follows the easing of public health measures by the competent authorities, and out of consideration for attorneys as essential members of the justice system,” the MoJ said in a press release.

“The decision does not prejudice the e-litigation procedural guide, which prohibits holding a hearing when one of the parties appears in person but the other in virtual room,” it said.“The requirements for admittance are having taken the Covid vaccinations, and showing the Tawakkalna app before entry,” the ministry added.

The ministry noted that this decision would again be evaluated within 30 days to decide on whether to allow all clients to enter all judicial facilities in accordance with official recommendations.

The Ministry of Justice remotely provides 120 e-services related to courts, enforcement and notarization.