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Monday, Jun 24, 2024

Lulu celebrates 'glorious food' with World Food Festival

Lulu celebrates 'glorious food' with World Food Festival

LuLu Hypermarket's popular "World Food Festival" is back again bringing amazing deals on Ingredients, kitchen equipment and hands-on lessons on the latest food trends from some of the most famous names in the culinary world today.
Started on January 25, the festival will run till February 8 and will cover all meals from fun fast food to breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

Celeb kitchen moments

Headlining the roster of celebrity chefs who will Interact with LuLu shoppers is Chef Isam Alghamdi, a Saudi culinary rock star with a massive fan following among women and youth whose Cinnamon Rolls draw crowds from other regions to taste it, Chef JP Anglo from the Philippines who is widely known for his delicious cuisine and restaurant and a TV star with programs such as Junior MasterChef: Pinoy Edition and Master Chef: Pinoy Edition and also a Food Vlogger and YouTuber, Chef Vicky Ratnani, who Is a popular Indian chef from Mumbai who has a cook show called Vicky goes Veg and who has won the best Indian Chef award In 2015.

Expert tips, cookery fun

The LuLu World Food Festival will be rolling out massive offers and exciting deals on its wide range of globally sourced products and hot food varieties across its hypermarkets in the Kingdom. As part of the celebration, LuLu shoppers can look forward to some seriously delicious sampling of skillfully put together meals from around the world by LuLu’s team of amazing in-house chefs, who will bring some of the world’s best-known dishes to the Hot Foods section of the hypermarket.

In addition to all the goodies, two southern Indian states with amazing cuisine will share the spotlight — the 'Hyderabadi Dhamaka' and 'Tamil Nadu Thali' events will feature the best of the cuisine of these states with specialties such as filter coffee, and Hyderabadi biryani. There will be cookery contests and pop quizzes about these cuisines too.

Shoppers can expect a lot of foodie fun with families in competitive face-off challenge which a celebrity judge will assess for top prizes and will focus on talented home-chefs. You can be a LuLu Chef of The Day or simply create a recipe and share on social media with #LuLuChef.

Healthy food update

This year, there Is an emphasis on healthy food and there will be plenty of great-tasting ingredients and new ways to use kitchen technology to deliver food that is less greasy and packs a nutritional buzz. Keto, vegan and organic food trends will be showcased too. Since the weather Is fine, shoppers can check out the best cuts of meat and seafood for BBQ parties and also vegetables and fruits at their juicy and seasonal best from all over the world.

Promotions galore

LuLu will also showcase Its popular own-label products like the tasty LuLu Paratha, Tiramisu, Sahlab and Karak Chai — items that are Increasingly popular among Saudis.

Besides some terrific deals on a wide range of ingredients which cater to every imaginative culinary experiment – think decadent desserts or supreme seafood and meat or vegan – and new choices for every meal plan from breakfast onwards, the festival will be a true celebration of good food across the 27 LuLu Hypermarkets, 18 ARAMCO Commissaries and 6 minimarts Inside SANG in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“We are witnessing a blossoming of the gastronomic culture in Saudi Arabia and with their exposure to world cuisines and trends and the influence of social media, a new taste palate is being shaped here. LuLu is ready for this culinary adventure. With our sourcing offices and food processing plants in 26 countries, we can ensure that only the very best ingredients and food trends find their way to our customer trolleys,” said Shehim Mohammed, Director, LuLu Saudi Hypermarkets.

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