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Sunday, May 22, 2022

LuLu supports KSA charities with Zakat collection rice donations, iftar boxes

LuLu Hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia have joined multiplecharities in the region to help customers to fulfill the most pious and important duty of Zakat Al Fitr – donations prescribed in the Holy Koran to be given during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
The arrangement is a continuation of a cherished tradition at LuLu which enables the public to contribute their Zakat effectively, swiftly, and transparently to the Alber Association.

Every LuLu Hypermarket in the area is part of the agreement with the Masaie and Qoutof in Riyadh, Alfaisaliah Charity in Jeddah, and Alber Association in Eastern Province.

LuLu has arranged a dedicated area in its stores in Riyadh and Jeddah, for customers to donate rice and on the day before Eid, the charity associations will distribute the rice to the needy people.

In Eastern Province, LuLu customers can pay SR21 as Zakat during checkout or online and even as a bank transfer directly to the program account. Alber Association will channel it in the form of a bag of rice which will then be distributed by Alber to needy families on behalf of the Zakat payer.

“We are honored to be a channel for this auspicious spiritual duty of Zakat and have been receiving the donations from the first day of the Holy Month,” said Shehim Mohammed LuLu’s Director of Saudi Arabia. “The system is convenient, transparent, and accessible to all. Zakat shall continue to be received till the night of Eid Al Fitr.”

In addition, LuLu has introduced the Ramadan Box and Iftar meal in collaboration with Saudi Food Bank. The LuLu Iftar boxes are convenient packs of after-fasting essential meals that customers can buy for SR15 & 99 SAR each. There is also an option to donate SR15 & 99 SAR through the Hypermarket cash counters and the Saudi Food Bank will use the donations to distribute the iftar boxes to the needy and charity groups that reach out to those in need.

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