MoJ launches artificial intelligence unit

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) unit in an effort to apply AI tech and enrich client experience.
“The AI unit aims to make use of global and local experiments in this field to increase the efficiency of work teams, and supervise the development of the ministry’s AI-based services,” the MoJ said.

“The unit will build a governance framework in order to boost the quality of services and comply with relevant standards.”“The AI unit will reinforce the ministry’s ICT strategy and improve operational efficiency and electronic services,” the ministry added, emphasizing its ongoing efforts to enhance digitization, expedite services and enhance performance.

The ministry said that the AI unit aims to take advantage of global and local expertise in this area to support and upgrade the efficiency of working groups.

The establishment of the unit will enhance its information technology strategy, by increasing the operational efficiency of the justice system and electronic communications.

The ministry emphasized the advancements of its digital capabilities in its various sectors, services and procedures, in order to reduce time and effort and achieve higher performance.