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Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

MWL chief criticizes the theory of inevitable clash of civilizations

Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL) and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, stressed the importance of global forums that contribute to enhancing awareness of the importance of rapprochement, understanding, and cooperation between nations and peoples, and confronting slogans of hatred and racism.
In a speech he delivered at the Rimini Forum hosted by Italy, he stressed that the general values that represent the moral commonalities between human beings are a reflection of some effects of the innate trait in every human being, adding that this instinct in its full meaning means the instinct of faith in every human soul.

Dr. Al-Issa criticized the theory of the inevitable clash of civilizations, warning that ignoring the moral commonalities between humans leads to such a theory, which gave birth to extremist ideologies.

He pointed out that the MWL and its partners around the world, have announced the "Alliance of Civilizations" to be an alternative to the clash of civilizations, and the United Nations has recently realized the importance of this matter and has established an international organization for that.

He stressed that the issue of freedom represents a basic foundation in religious and human values, reiterating that the true meaning of freedom depends on the laws of countries and their societal values, calling for the need to distinguish between freedom and chaos.

He also indicated that this is what social media officials recently have realized, as they have started taking action against any account that used lies and spreads fake news that offends and violates the meaning of freedom by alerting or temporarily suspending, then eventually closing their accounts.

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