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Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

Nazaha arrests 78 accused of bribery, forgery and money laundering

Nazaha arrests 78 accused of bribery, forgery and money laundering

Saudi Arabia's Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) announced that it had arrested 78 accused of bribery, forgery and money laundering.
Nazaha's statement came during its announcement that it had initiated a number of criminal and administrative cases during the month of Dhul-Hijjah 1443 AH.

It has confirmed that it carried out 3,207 monitoring rounds, which resulted in arresting the accused in 6 ministries, which are, the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Health, Justice, Education, Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing.

It stated that 78 people were arrested and 116 were investigated for several crimes, noting that some of the 78 detainees were released on bail.

During the monitoring rounds, Nazaha said that the most prominent financial and administrative corruption crimes that it monitored are bribery, abuse of power, forgery, and money laundering.

In order to protect and preserve public money, Nazaha has called on everyone to cooperate with it in the event that they detect any violation or suspicion of financial or administrative corruption by reporting through the toll-free phone: 980 — or through its Email:

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