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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2022

NCW finds a rare whale in the Red Sea

NCW finds a rare whale in the Red Sea

The National Center for Wildlife (NCW) announced on Saturday that it has spotted a rare whale in the waters of the Red Sea.
While exploring the Red Sea, the NCW said that the rare whale that it found is Bryde's whale, which was swimming with its calf.

It clarified that Bryde's whale is a baleen whale that is not toothed.

This type of whale uses baleen sheets that are arrayed on its upper jaw instead of using its teeth to filter the plankton and small fishes around it.

The NCW added, this type of whale needs to eat about a ton of food daily.

The Bryde's whale belongs to the same group of Blue whales and Humpback whales, and can be found alone or in pairs.

Bryde’s whales are also known as ‘tropical whales’, due to their preference for waters of 16° Celsius or higher.

They are found in both near shore and open waters between the latitudes of 40° South and 40° North.

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