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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Pilgrims to receive bottled Zamzam water using high-tech

Pilgrims to receive bottled Zamzam water using high-tech

The General Administration of the King Abdullah Project for Zamzam water geared up work levels at its distribution outlets in Kuddi neighborhood, Makkah, reaching the maximum production capacity of the project to 200,000 bottles per day.
The project is working 24 hours a day to serve pilgrims and to facilitate the safe and healthy arrival of Zamzam's blessed water to them.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Khattabi, director of the General Department of the King Abdullah Project, said: "These services and efforts are in line with the aspirations of the Kingdom’s leadership to provide the best and finest services to pilgrims.”

The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Project for Zamzam water, in the Kuddi area of Makkah cost more than SR700 million, and was established with the aim to provide the water for pilgrims as a part of the services at the Holy Sites.

The project is a qualitative development of a similar project started by late King Abdulaziz Bin AbdulRahman.

The project aims to ensure the purity and accessibility of Zamzam water. The water undergoes several purifying and processing stages before being filled and distributed automatically with state of the art technologies to ensure its safety and to the ease access for residents, visitors and pilgrims.

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