Saudi Arabia: 10 years jail, SR30m fine for improper handling of waste

Fine imposed on the violator will be doubled if the violation is repeated
A maximum of 10 years in jail and a fine not exceeding SR30 million or both will be slapped on those found guilty of storing, incinerating, treating, dumping or disposing waste in a way that poses a threat to public health or damage to the environment, Saudi media reported.

The new fines were introduced in accordance with the Waste Management Law.

The penalties also include fines for each day the violation continues, with the fine per day not exceeding 10 per cent of the amount of the fine stated in the law.

The fine imposed on the violator will be doubled if the violation is repeated, and whoever repeats committing the violation within three years from the date of issuing the final judgment will be counted as a repeat offender, and this will be without prejudice to any severe penalty stipulated in any other law.

The new regulations prohibit leaving, burying, burning, dumping or throwing all kinds of waste in places other than those designated for it.

Saudi Arabia has also granted the National Waste Management Centre the right to dispose of waste in a manner that achieves financial sustainability and covers the operational costs of the competent authorities. The competent authorities may dispose of waste after the approval of the Centre.

The Saudi law also stipulates penalties for the violations related to licence for dealing with waste management. The penalties include fine amounting to SR10 million, suspension of the licence or permit for a period not exceeding six months, or cancellation of the licence.

The provisions of the new law do not apply to radioactive, nuclear and military waste. Ownership of the waste is transferred to the State in the event that the waste is placed in the containers designated for it, or near it, or the waste is placed in any public location for its storage, or in the safe disposal sites.