5 influencers questioned over breaking content rules

Law prohibits content inciting crime, violence, attacking other religious groups
Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Audio-Visual Media has questioned five social media celebrities for violating media content regulations, bringing the number of violators to 65 since the beginning of this year, local media reported.

Their offences varied between misleading advertisements and displaying content that violated the audio-visual media laws.

The authority said its efforts aim to protect the interests of society and audiences and contribute to the provision of diversified and objective media content, provided that it does not include misleading information or violates the audio-visual media laws.

It affirmed that it will not be lenient in imposing legal penalties against violators, calling for compliance with its regulations.

The law prohibits several categories of media content, including media that incites crime or violence, attacks other religious, national, or racial groups, threatens the national interests, or discloses government information without prior approval. The law also gives the authority the power to designate as unlawful any other content it chooses.