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Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Ithra promotes Arabic calligraphy through special initiative

Saudi Arabia’s Ithra promotes Arabic calligraphy through special initiative

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) has been promoting the art of Arabic calligraphy through a special initiative, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
Its “Year of Calligraphy” initiative, launched by the Ministry of Culture, has celebrated this cultural tradition through programs, activities, and workshops, taking participants into a world of Mu’allaqat (distinguished poems), Arabic maqams (melodic material), poetry, prose and more.

The Arabic language had the lion’s share of programs at Ithra during 2021, with audiences and visitors having the space to enjoy its beauty, diversity, and richness.

Ithra’s programs have offered people the opportunity to explore the history and design of calligraphy, while also encouraging them to focus on the history of the Arabic language.

One of the programs discussed the identity of Arabic calligraphy and learning to see it as an art form. Another was called “The Calligraphy Tree,” which was an installation of all the Arabic letters in different colors, sizes and shapes.

A workshop on Arabic calligraphy through sculpture was held to explore the stages of the art, and other activities were also organized to advance calligraphy on intellectual, cultural, and cognitive levels.

Seminars on teaching Arabic calligraphy were held at the Children’s Museum, and there were workshops that focused on printing Arabic calligraphy through risograph technology. Rare products and manuscripts were exhibited in the Ithra library.

Ithra ended its calligraphy journey through the execution of an artistic work, carving out verses for 51 Arab poets of all ages and from different times.

These were set on 50 pillars inside the center’s library and were accompanied by a set of posts published on electronic platforms and in Ithraiyat magazine.

The center aims to enrich Saudi society by providing quality initiatives and programs for all sections of the community and by providing broad experiences for visitors through scientific and cultural programs and activities.

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