Saudi Education Ministry to host translation forum in December

The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission announced on Monday that it will hold a "Translation Forum" on December 2-3 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education in Riyadh.

The forum will shed light on the reality of translation as a profession in Saudi Arabia, addressing issues and challenges that face translators, with the participation of a number of specialists and translators.

The forum will discuss the most important issues related to modern translation. The forum’s sessions will be held over two days, each day will host three sessions that address issues and challenges faced in the translation industry.

As many as 10 workshops will be held over the two days with the aim of harnessing and developing trainees’ skills in a number of areas, including written translation, interpretation, translation project management, modern translation techniques, and computer-assisted translation At the same time, a competition will be hosted by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission for audiovisual translation amateurs and professionals.

This competition contributes to creating a competitive environment for the development of the audiovisual translation movement. Teams of 2 to 3 members will compete in translating the biggest number of video clips from Arabic into four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Korean, to win cash prizes that reach up to more than SR200,000 distributed among 24 winners of the amateurs and professional tracks.

To attend the forum's sessions and workshops, register via the link: (