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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Saudi Justice Ministry praises female employees 

Saudi Justice Ministry praises female employees 

Female employees at the Justice Ministry have been praised for their positive impact on service and performance, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
Women’s entry into the ministry has contributed to their empowerment and to raising the level of their participation in the public sector. Their roles have included legal and social researchers, administrative assistants, program developers and notaries.

The ministry said that empowering women in the justice sector had reflected positively on the service provided to people, enhancing the speed of performance and achievement and raising the ceiling of work completion.

Noura bint Abdullah Al-Ghunaim, director of the Women’s Administration, said the female employees had provided services in all sectors, including 1.7 million in the implementation sector, 551,000 in the judicial sector, 320,000 services in the documentation sector, 240,000 services in the reconciliation system, in addition to 180,000 services in the digital transformation agency and through the unified communication center.

Al-Ghunaim added that the ministry had allocated central departments fully staffed by women, including the Cases Audit Center, the Case Preparation Center, the Judicial Attribution Center for Execution, and the Documentation Operations Audit Center.

The ministry has empowered distinguished women leaders by assigning more than 85 of them with supervisory tasks since the establishment of the women’s departments at the ministry, in addition to the tasks assigned to female employees in courts and notaries.

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