Saudi prosecutor orders arrest of man over online blasphemy

Saudi Arabia’s chief prosecutor Saud Al Muajab has ordered the arrest of a man who appeared in a Twitter video making blasphemous remarks on Allah, local media reported.
Al Muajab ordered the suspect be interrogated after verifying the Twitter content attributed to him and deemed insulting to the Divine Entity, a source at Saudi public prosecution said without further details.

“Public prosecution will spare no effort in tracking down and incriminating propagators of ideas infringing religious values and bringing them to justice,” the source added.

“At the same time, it goes ahead with besieging those of terrorist ideologies, who try to spread their ideas amid society.”

Under the Saudi anti-hate law, blasphemy lampooning Allah, the prophets or their wives in any form is punishable by a minimum of seven years in prison and SR500,000 or one of both penalties.