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Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

Saudi security forces use latest technology to monitor Hajj

Saudi security forces use latest technology to monitor Hajj

Saudi Arabia is using the latest technology to monitor the movement of Hajj pilgrims and ensure their safety and security.

Cameras on the ground and mounted on helicopters flying over the holy sites are linked to operation centers where information is analyzed in real time to ensure that any emergencies are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The Presidency of State Security says that its state-of-the-art joint operation center is equipped with the latest technology which has raised the level of coordination between the presidency and other security organizations involved in ensuring that this year’s Hajj goes as smoothly as possible.

The Royal Saudi Air Force is responsible for managing the airspace over the holy sites, in addition to supporting other relevant government sectors.

According to the commander of the participating RSAF group, Col. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Mutairi, the RSAF team is using several helicopters equipped with the latest technology and is also supervising the air traffic of all aircraft participating in the Hajj mission from other sectors.

On Monday, July 4, Saudi Interior Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif attended a ceremony and military parade showcasing security measures aimed at ensuring the safety of worshippers taking part in this year’s annual pilgrimage.

Prince Abdulaziz watched security personnel demonstrate how they would deal with a number of possible scenarios.


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