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Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022

Saudi student Itizaz wins second place in WAMAS-2022 global event

Saudi student Itizaz wins second place in WAMAS-2022 global event

Saudi student Itizaz Al-Nafaie from the northern Tabuk region has won the second place in the Worldwide Mental Arithmetic Competition (WAMAS-2022). She emerged second among hundreds of talented students from over 25 countries.
Itizaz broke the world record by solving 100 mathematical problems, testing herself against the clock.

She dedicated this prestigious victory to the wise Saudi leadership, as well as the Emir of Tabuk region and the Ministry of Education, in addition to her teacher Feda, who stood behind her as a stellar pillar in accomplishing this unique achievement with provision of intensive training.

The annual competition was organized by the World Association of Mental Arithmetic Schools (WAMAS) at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt on June 1 and 2. The WAMAS-2022 aims at helping parents to show off their little geniuses to the world.

Congratulating Itizaz, Eng. Sultan Al-Nafaie, her paternal uncle, tweeted: “The vision of the Crown Prince continues to enable Itizaz, the daughter of my brother Saad Al-Talib, to win second place globally in the little genius mental arithmetic competition. May God bless our country with such achievements.”

In a video clip, which became an instant hit on the social media in Saudi Arabia, the student Itizaz talked about the story of her winning second place in the international competition and the factors that helped her achieve this great success.

Itizaz said that she initially joined the Little Genius Program and completed its first level, then moved to the second level, in which the focus was on mental arithmetic.

Itizaz pointed out that she was trained by a great teacher, who guided her to qualify for the event, compete keenly and win second place.

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