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Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

SPA launches scientific portal in partnership with KAUST

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Tuesday launched its scientific portal (, which is specialized in publishing scientific research, studies and news, as part of its contributions to highlighting the scientific movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
SPA has allocated this scientific portal, the first of its kind at the national level, as part of its influential media role at the local and international levels, at a time it is heading towards matching its outcomes with the developments being witnessed by Saudi Arabia in various political, economic, cultural, social and sport fields.

The portal has been set up to expand the content of its news messages according to a development strategy that relies on listing some vital specializations as part of its coverage scope.

This includes the scientific field that is shared with several academic institutions and specialized centers in Saudi Arabia with the aim of shedding light on existing efforts and outcomes of the scientific research that forms a main element in the Saudi Vision 2030 in a bid to realize a cognitive economy.

SPA President Fahd Bin Hassan Al Aqran stressed that launching an independent portal for the scientific aspect is part of endeavors to keep pace with the movement that is witnessed by research centers and specialized universities in this field in a bid by SPA to open a media window on scientific research and offer them in a media style that enriches the audience's knowledge in various fields and specialized sciences.

Al Aqran said that this portal aims to diversify the interests and specializations of SPA to include specialized scientific and research aspects, especially with the expansion of programs and roles of academic and research institutions in Saudi Arabia and matching them with the development situation and future plans.

He noted that SPA has attracted several specialists in scientific publications and seeks partnerships with local and international institutions to publish these research papers on a wider scope that reflects the Saudi scientific movement and development.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is considered the first scientific partner with SPA scientific portal that will provide an area to publish research and studies of KAUST to highlight its scientific and cognitive role.

This is in addition to its entrepreneurship in research efforts in energy, water, food and environment fields, and its contributions to the circular economy, environment (coral reefs), and artificial intelligence, in addition to its permanent endeavors towards innovation, research and development.

Senior Associate to the President and Vice President of KAUST Dr. Najah Ashry stressed the keenness of the university, in its capacity as a global academic institution, to deliver its scientific message that is known for its entrepreneurship in several vital fields, serving research, development and innovation system.

The institution is known to stimulate future generations, and acquaint society with the role of science and technology in serving nations via the media partnership with SPA that owns a long expertise in its capacity as an official source for media outlets and the audience through its website and social media accounts.

Dr. Ashry said: "SPA's plan to allocate a scientific portal reflects the scope of its interest in the content of its media message, in addition to boosting the role of media in serving scientific research and innovation."

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