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Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

Thousands of jobs generated for Saudis in 2021

Thousands of jobs generated for Saudis in 2021

The ministry’s strategy to empower as many Saudi jobseekers as possible has been instrumental in generating a large number of jobs

Thousands of jobs have been generated for young Saudi men and women during the year 2021, thanks to the vigorous Saudization drive being implemented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in cooperation and coordination with various government agencies and private sector companies and establishments. Localization of jobs has been expanded to more professions and sectors during the period.

The ministry announced earlier that the number of citizens working in the private sector crossed 1.9 million, which is the highest ever number of Saudis hired in the employment market.

The ministry’s strategy to empower as many Saudi jobseekers as possible has been instrumental in generating a large number of jobs as well as in creating an attractive and stimulating work environment in the private sector. This resulted in a huge increase in their active participation in the labor market.

The following are the major job sectors that witnessed more Saudization during the year 2021.


The decisions of Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi included Saudization of 30 percent of accounting professions in the private sector where there are five or more employees working in the accounting profession. The decision, which started implementing on June 12, targeted several accounting professions, most notably, account manager, director of the Zakat and Taxes Department, director of the financial reporting department, director of the general audit department, internal auditor and cost accountant.

Malls, restaurants, cafes:

On April 7, the ministry issued a decision to localize jobs in all activities and professions in closed commercial complexes (malls) and their management offices, in addition to increasing the percentages of Saudization in sales outlets of restaurants and cafes and major central catering markets.

Private and international schools:

The ministry issued a decision on May 7 to implement the first phase of Saudization of educational jobs in private schools and international schools for boys and girls in a number of specializations. The Saudization will be implemented in these specializations over several phases during the three-year period.

The decision aims to increase the rate of Saudization in private schools in all disciplines, including mathematics, physics, biology, science and computer. The rate of Saudization will also be increased in the disciplines of Arabic language, national identity, Islamic studies, social studies, art education and physical education as a first phase in international schools.

Communications and IT:

On June 27, Saudization of communications and information technology (CIT) professions began in private sector establishments that employ five or more workers within the specified specializations, at a rate of 25 percent for each group.

The jobs covered by the Saudization decision included CIT engineering jobs, application development, programming and analyzing jobs and technical support and communications technical jobs.

Health specialties and medical devices:

The ministry decided on Oct. 12 to Saudize jobs of medical laboratories, radiology, physiotherapy, and therapeutic nutrition in all medical facilities operating in the Kingdom, in addition to the field of medical devices and equipment, and engineering and technical professions for medical devices.

Real estate, air navigation

The MHRSD decisions included Saudization of real estate brokerage professions such as real estate sale and rental broker, land and real estate broker, land and real estate registry clerk, in addition to the sustainable construction professions such as certified sustainable engineer, certified resident engineer, quality inspector engineer, prefab inspector, and real estate control professions such as real estate arbitrator and real estate reformer. The air traffic control sector achieved 100 percent Saudization while the percentage of Saudization in the air navigation reached 97 percent.

Customs clearance, driving schools

On Dec. 30, the ministry announced that decisions to localize jobs in the sectors of customs clearance and driving schools achieved 100 percent while localization in the engineering technical professions stood at 25 percent.

Law firms, cinemas and transport apps

The ministry’s decisions also included Saudization in the professions of legal consultancy, law firms, real estate activities, and the cinema sector, in addition to the 100 percent localization of the guided vehicle sector.


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