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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Transport Authority issues guide for truck drivers in 3 languages

Transport Authority issues guide for truck drivers in 3 languages

The Transport General Authority has issued a guide on its website ( in three different languages— Arabic, English, Urdu, which contains instructions on safety conditions that must be met and followed by truck drivers, necessary general requirements, instructions, and skills and rights for the driver.
The guide also illustrates the best ways to check the vehicle, know the dimensions and weights of the trucks as per Saudi standard specifications, and instructions for controlling, planning, and monitoring the vehicle while driving.

The 11-part guide aims to help truck drivers know the public safety requirements for professional and safe driving. Its publication comes as part of the Transport Authority’s efforts in facilitating access to the regulations of the authority and other relevant official bodies, and awareness of public safety requirements in transport vehicles while transporting non-dangerous goods between and within cities.

The guide represents a guiding framework for truck drivers in Saudi Arabia and includes a set of procedures and measures that the driver goes through during his trips, in addition to the requirements that he must be adhered to ensure safe transportation, starting from the shipping site until reaching the destination. The guide can be downloaded from the website of the Transport General Authority (

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