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Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022

Turki Al-Sheikh opens Merwas, largest art and entertainment factory in the Arab world

Turki Al-Sheikh opens Merwas, largest art and entertainment factory in the Arab world

The largest entertainment factory in the Arab world has opened in Riyadh to help and support Saudi talent and put it on the global stage.
Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority Turki Al-Sheikh inaugurated the development on Saturday in the presence of Nada Al-Tuwaijri, co-founder and CEO of Merwas, Rumian Al-Rumayyan, co-founder and chief content officer, and a number of guests including artists, composers and music distributors.

Merwas is located in Boulevard Riyadh City and is one of the 15 entertainment zones in Riyadh Season. It boasts international studios to give visitors the chance to explore the worlds of film and cinematography.

Al-Tuwaijri told Arab News that Merwas is a cultural factory with 22 studios, along with an academy.

She added: “The first goal within five years is to resolve all of the issues that we notice in the market; the second is to incubate the largest number of Saudi talents; the third is to introduce IPs, royalties, copyrights and raise awareness within the community and within artists.

“The last goal is to expand, and not only within the Kingdom: We do want to see Merwas present regionally and globally.”

The factory, which covers 5,000 sq. meters, contributes to helping to change the concept of art and entertainment, along with assisting artists and researchers in a supportive environment.

Al-Tuwaijri said: “I think this is a revolution in the industry, and that whatever you are seeing right now is just the first step.

“We do want to change the game, change the rules, not reinvent the wheel but invent the wheel, in fact.

“We do want to see our talents going from local to global. Our talents are very mature, very well-educated.”

The studios provide the ideal environment for improving creative output, developing talents and protecting artistic property rights through the academy, production network, a radio that broadcasts two Arabic-English channels, an artistic production company and a creative council.

Al-Tuwaijri added: “When it comes to listening to all types of genres, we want the world to listen to us, and it is about time.”

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