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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Women participate in Saudi Census 2022 as field researchers for first time

For the first time ever, the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) has made it possible for women to work as field researchers within the Saudi Census 2022 program.
According to Sabq news portal, several women candidates to work as field researchers have started the training program for the Saudi Census Project, which lasts four days, at the Prince Sultan Cultural Center theater in Jazan city.

The supervisor of the Saudi census in the Jazan region, Ali al-Hamdi, said empowering women in this session comes as their first ever participation since the launch of the Saudi census.

He indicated that the women have undergone a training program that helps raise their skills in the population enumeration process, in terms of how to use the national address, as well as ensuring data quality and the potential cases during the actual population enumeration process, in addition to the method of dividing and assigning researchers' areas.

GASTAT has confirmed that the outputs of the Saudi Census 2022 from detailed statistical data will be a basis and a reference for decision-makers in urban planning, as it will contribute and help greatly in the development of public services, such as transportation, education, housing, health care and many others.

The census outputs are used by decision-makers in government agencies through the census data in order to develop several fields, GASTAT said.

It said the most prominent fields that are being developed are: the policies related to work, training, housing and investment; public services and development programs; developing urban plans for cities, as well as distributing budgets between administrative regions as much as needed.

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