Al-Jalajel: Optimal use of digital technologies contributed to successful COVID-19 fight

Minister of Health Fahad Al-Jalajel said that Saudi Arabia has made excellent performance in its fight against coronavirus thanks to its optimal use of modern digital technologies. He also announced the implementation of innovative plans to develop the healthcare system in the Kingdom.
Inaugurating the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition Middle East (HIMSS21 Middle East) on Sunday, he announced the implementation of innovative plans to develop the healthcare system in the Kingdom.

“The adoption of digital health technologies has contributed to the leading role of the Kingdom in all international and regional forums and at various levels. This also embodies the Kingdom’s excellence in dealing with coronavirus pandemic with its optimal use of modern digital technologies,” he said.

The three-day virtual event, which will conclude on Tuesday, is witnessing participation of more than 100 international information and technology experts in more than 30 sessions to stay ahead of the latest healthcare trends.

The minister said implementation of innovative plans to develop the healthcare system in the Kingdom covers building a health transformation plan with its various axes; design governance programs; and financing and provision of health services in accordance with international best practices and in line with the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, where digital health is a pivotal partner for the transformation of the health sector.

The minister, who is also chairman of the Saudi Health Council, noted that during the pandemic, digital technologies were one of the most important possibilities for dealing with it, as the first interactive map of coronavirus data was launched to provide accurate statistics, apart from taking advantage of artificial intelligence to analyze those data that enabled to take national strategic decisions.

Al-Jalajel said there are many goals for the HIMSS21 Conference, of which the most important is discussions on current challenges, visions and ideas about future plans, and potential solutions in the field of healthcare at the regional and international levels.

He highlighted the important role of health information technology, and its influential role in raising performance efficiency, improving the quality of services, and optimal use of resources.

For his part, Secretary General of the Saudi Health Council Nahar Al-Azmi said that holding this conference comes to complete the role played by the council in working on developing and approving a policy of coordination and integration between all the competent authorities for the qualitative advancement of healthcare services.

“During the conference, knowledge, experiences and expertise will be exchanged in various sessions.

“The deliberations also include the challenges facing health systems and the solutions available for their development, harnessing digital health to build effective responses to future epidemics, and highlighting the effective role and contributions of health technologies in improving the quality of healthcare for all its beneficiaries,” he added.