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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh inaugurates ICEE 2022, stresses its role in anticipating visions, developments in education

Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh inaugurates ICEE 2022, stresses its role in anticipating visions, developments in education

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh Sunday inaugurated the International Conference and Exhibition for Education (ICEE 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.
It is being organized by the Ministry of Education between May 8 and 11, 2022, with the participation of ministers, educational experts and more than 260 global and local universities and educational institutions from 23 countries.

The conference stems from a set of goals aiming at contributing to enhancing the Saudi Vision 2030 and stressing its role as an effective power in civilization, sciences and human progress, as well as reviewing the available opportunities to develop education in Saudi Arabia and utilizing its potential through exchanging expertise, experiences and new trends in educational fields according to the best international practices.

The minister, during his speech inaugurating the conference, extended his gratitude and appreciation to the wise leadership for the generous care, directives and support to the educational sector.

He said: "The International Conference and Exhibition for Education are back to deliver its message again, stressing the role of Saudi Arabia and its interest in improving and developing the outcomes of education so that their effects can reflect on developing the human capital, which is considered a long-term civil project that can directly contribute to the economic, social and cultural development.”

He expressed confidence in the conference ability to offer a wide gate for opportunities, creative ideas, inspiring results and predicting visions and models that can enhance the utilization of technologies through digital transformations and modern updates in education until reaching a stage that provides investments and finances alternatives to offer diversified educational/learning models.

The minister added that one of the most important goals of the conference lies in developing the human capital according to the targets of the Human Capability Development Program that was launched by the Crown Prince as one of the ambitious programs of the Saudi Vision 2030 to change the dream into a truth and hope into reality.

Dr. Al-Sheikh noted that the conference and exhibition open wide windows towards envisioned opportunities for development and creativity and help offer innovative solutions and untraditional alternatives to face challenges before reaching recommendations with added value to education through holding 11 scientific sessions and more than 130 workshops.

The minister concluded his speech with reaffirming positive points during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including the quick transformation that enabled Saudi Arabia to develop all education-related operating systems, mainly plans of digital transformation that exceeded the capabilities of planners and changed the educational trends.

He added, this played a role in boosting the entire culture of the society towards e-education, and voiced his appreciation to teachers and to all those who contributed to leading this transformation and the sustainability of education during the pandemic.

The conference's sessions and workshops, in addition to its activities and events, will last from 09:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. for 4 consecutive days, with the participation of Arab and international ministers of education, and a group of world's leading experts and specialists in education.

The first day of ICEE will witness the participation of Dr. Al-Sheikh in the main session entitled "Educational Policies in Light of Challenges", along with the Egyptian Minister of Education and Technical Education Dr. Tarek Shawky; the UAE Minister of Education Engineer Hussein Bin Ibrahim Al-Hammadi; the International Director of Education at the World Bank Dr. Jaime Saavedra and Professor Sir Steve Smith, the British Prime Minister's Special Representative for Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About 262 local and international educational institutions will meet under one roof (110 local exhibitors and 152 international exhibitors), in addition to 180 speakers in sessions and workshops, reviewing the available opportunities for developing education and investment incentives in it, as well as introducing solutions that contribute to overcoming crises and challenges facing education, and enhancing the efficiency of its institutions and improving its outputs according to international standards and indicators, through 131 workshops and 11 sessions.

A number of educational institutions, universities and local and international education centers from 23 countries, with more than 54 US universities and more than 50 British universities will participate in the ICEE.

Saudi universities, heads of public and private universities and their employees, and directors of education and education professionals from all over the world, as well as those interested and investors in the field of education will also participate in the ICEE.

The Ministry of Education aspires for the ICEE 2022 to be one of the most prominent specialized educational events, which represent a global framework for communication and exchange of experiences in accordance with international best practices and the experiences of developed countries.

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