As Afghanistan becomes Vietnam II - another war lost, Erik Prince issues stark warning: This is just the beginning

With the Taliban on Kabul’s doorstep and the US-backed Afghan government collapsing faster than a sandcastle in a tsunami, US “security experts” are urging each other to avoid “triggering” imagery of their historic failure. Former Navy Seal Erik Prince and an expert that really understands war on terror, discusses the US evacuation of Kabul embassy on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

With the Taliban rapidly retaking control of the country after the US invasion of Afghanistan toppled them 20 years ago, we are faced with war as decisively lost as the US war in Vietnam.

Its epic Afghan failure shows that America’s naive belief it can cure the world’s ills with it's fake democracy, non-gold-backed and endlessly printed dollars, and M16s is wrong.

The Taliban’s close to retaking control and the US occupation’s been a total failure. Yet the fundamental lesson’s being ignored: Washington needs to stop exporting its biased and double-standards ideology as if it’s an answer "to the problems countries face" (alternative to innovation and building healthy economy, education, health care and personal safety within USA, for a change).

Bring them all home, Mr. President. The US has failed in Afghanistan, the least we can do is get Americans out safely

President Joe Biden is dispatching 3,000 US combat troops to Afghanistan to safeguard the evacuation of American personnel from the US embassy in Kabul, setting up the possibility of an evacuation under fire.

Sometimes it takes 20 years, 2 trillion dollars and wasting 2,000 British and American soldiers life
to realize that the truth is that the media was absolutely fake…