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Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

From vision to reality: Accessible quality healthcare Kingdomwide

From vision to reality: Accessible quality healthcare Kingdomwide

An important dimension to evaluate the healthcare system is seen when assessing accessibility. With Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is reforming its healthcare system to be more equitable and efficient. The proposed agenda underlines the importance for ease of access; emphasizing better quality, distribution, and affordability.
Since early 2020, Saudi Arabia’s response to the COVID-19 battle has been remarkable. PCR testing and vaccinations are offered to all, including citizens, residents, visitors and violators alike. Regardless of status, wealth and race, all are treated equally and given full accessibility to pandemic-related medical needs. All this while facing unprecedented operational challenges due to the increased costs of staffing, supplies and facilities.

With this framework as a source of inspiration, the private medical sector ought to establish a way to offer quality medical services to all, irrespective of where one lives or works.

A prime example is seen when studying Abeer Medical Group’s presence in Saudi Arabia. Seemingly on the right path, Abeer is present in multiple provinces across the Kingdom and in several districts with vastly differing levels of affluence.

The group is known to serve the old, young, foreign, and local while maintaining consistency in affordability and quality. While Abeer, as other institutions, has a ways to go to significantly contribute in fulfilling the country’s Vision 2030 healthcare goals, the regional medical group’s operational model is worth looking into and learning from.

Leading healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia, the likes of Abeer, Al-Habib, Fakeeh, and Magrabi, altogether strive to make medical services more cost-effective and accessible to their patients. With that being said, providing quality healthcare nationwide at an affordable cost is a challenge for healthcare sectors globally.

Saudi Arabia, at the government and ministerial level, have implemented positive change; introducing infrastructures susceptible to accessibility and affordability when righteously taken advantage of.

The optimization of affordability and equal access requires fair distribution of facilities and competent medical professionals across the Kingdom. Even when taking into account the great efforts of the government, private sector participation is crucial to realizing the industry’s full potentials on the ground and achieving Vision 2030’s objectives.

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