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Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

Google Alternatives: 3 AI-Powered Search Options That Provide Direct Answers and Focused Content

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-supported services like "Perplexity," "Dexa," and "Arc Search" are emerging as potent alternatives to the traditional Google search engine.
These AI-powered platforms are increasingly popular as they deliver direct, relevant answers rather than just a lengthy list of links.

Smart Search Options

Here's a list that will simplify your searches:

1- "Perplexity" utilizes AI in its search mechanism. As an AI-driven search engine, Perplexity saves users time by providing a concise and useful answer to their queries.

Perplexity delivers summaries, references, and links to key sources covering the topic of inquiry, sparing users the tedious task of sifting through dozens of links. It also suggests follow-up questions on the same topic.

Why is Perplexity a valuable Google alternative?

Getting results from Perplexity is akin to receiving detailed driving directions rather than a vague map. It allows users to automatically focus on content, bypassing the need to evaluate numerous links for relevance.

Why is AI advantageous in searching?

In contrast to traditional search methods, AI-powered searches analyze the intent and context behind a query, providing more accurate and tailored results. Perplexity specifically addresses questions when posed.

For example, when asked about the difference between taking notes and preparing notes, the engine provided a list filled with sources, followed by a summary of key information and further suggested inquiries.

A smart assistant:

AI-supported searches feel more direct than the probing and scrutiny on Google. It's as if you have a smart assistant that not only finds the book you're looking for in a big library but also opens the page to the information you need. Conversely, Google merely points to shelves that might carry books related to your topic.

In summary, you might prefer Google to Perplexity only if you're trying to locate a specific site or compile a list of websites for personal exploration.

Google is endeavoring to keep pace with AI-driven searching by introducing what's called "generative search experiences", akin to Perplexity's summarized search results as opposed to a list of links. Try it out by visiting the 'Google Research Labs' experiments page.

Choose Perplexity over Google when you need a specific query answered with precision.

Content accuracy:

Turn to Perplexity for nuanced topics. Gloria, the editor of The Learning Curve newsletter, shared that she relies on the AI-supported engine for precise answers or insights in specific scenarios.

Gloria mentioned that traditional search engines like Google often provide general information based on keywords, which isn't always sufficient for bridging gaps. However, she uses Google for work-related content and marketing, and when planning trips, she feeds the engine with trip duration, location, preferred activities, and other details to bypass generic recommendations.

Platform and cost:

Perplexity is free for regular use, sufficient for most users. There's also a $20 monthly subscription for access to stronger AI models.

Search ideas in podcasts:

2- "Dexa" engine: Sometimes, people search for specific content, such as ideas shared in a podcast. Here, the new service called Dexa specializes in podcast content rather than wide web searches like Perplexity does.

How does Dexa work?

It answers fresh inquiries by identifying relevant podcast episodes and pinpoints moments when the topic was discussed. Dexa allows users to view or listen to original content or read a quick summary.

Dexa delivers the best insights in personal development and technology.

Still in its infancy, Dexa experiences notable growth, with 50,000 monthly users, which has helped it raise 6 million dollars to expand its capabilities.

Use Dexa if you're interested in topics like protocols for deeper sleep, as it directs you to specific podcast segments addressing your issue and provides links to various podcasts discussing the topic, capped with a summary of main ideas.

It's worth mentioning that Dexa is not flawless, as it's been known to misidentify sources in several tests.

When to use Dexa?

Instead of digging through old episodes or reading lengthy scripts, jump straight to relevant moments in any podcast that addresses your interests.

Platform and cost:

The web-based service is operational on any device and is currently free, though its founders are considering subscription models and ad support.

Additional resource:

"Listen Notes" helps search through millions of podcasts, offering a more comprehensive search process than Dexa and presenting user-friendly results.

3- "Arc Search" for iOS Quickly find what you want:

"Arc Search" is a new iOS app that utilizes AI to navigate sites related to a user's query. The app provides an immediate summary of findings along with sources for further exploration. When accessing a site, Arc Search blocks cookies, trackers, and ads, but this can be disabled at the user's discretion.


After inputting your search topic, click on "Browse for me" to engage the AI features otherwise, you'll experience standard web browsing.

Opt for Arc Search over Google when seeking potential travel activities or suitable recommendations.

In this domain, the new app aggregates its core recommendations from various sources to provide useful answers. Alongside the summary, Arc Search gives access to links for deeper searches, similar to Google.

For instance, when searching for family activities in Philadelphia, the app listed 10 venues with a single-sentence description for each, along with links for more information.

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