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Monday, Aug 08, 2022

GSAC exerts its efforts to protect pilgrims throughout Hajj season

The General Security Aviation Command (GSAC) has exerted all efforts in order to protect pilgrims throughout the Hajj season via an integrated system of high-tech helicopters.
The GSAC has monitored the movement of pilgrims from the skies of the Holy Sites and the Grand Mosque as part of its participation in organizing this year's pilgrimage with an integrated technical system and qualified human cadres.

It has also worked in tight coordination with all sectors involved in maintaining the security of Hajj, and providing humanitarian services and logistical support to the various sectors.

The GSAC helicopters flew over the skies of the Holy Sites and Makkah during the Hajj days in order to monitor the security situation and traffic, as well as provide ambulance services, rescue and firefighting in the event of any emergency cases happen.

Among the services of the GSAC, it also provides security and logistical support to the security sectors present in the field during the Hajj period, as well as expediting the provision of humanitarian and emergency services and monitoring pilgrims arriving for Hajj in an irregular manner.

In another aspect other than the security services, the GSAC is working on the transmission of the live performance of the Hajj from the skies of the Holy Sites to the whole world and broadcasting it through various channels and sites.

It is noteworthy that the GSAC' staff employees are distinguished by high expertise and capabilities in sensing security for any emergency situation and to their speed in dealing with any event.

GSAC’s staff began flying in the Holy Sites’ sky from the beginning of Dhul-Hijjah and will continue until the pilgrims conclude their pilgrimage and complete their rituals.

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