How you can support people in Afghanistan

With thousands desperately fleeing their homes, horrifying scenes of violence and tragedy have emerged from Afghanistan since the fall of Kabul on Sunday.

Amid reports of at least five dead at Kabul airport, and three feared dead after the Taliban violently dispersed a protest in Jalalabad today, the country is in the midst of an overwhelming humanitarian crisis.

The situation is especially worrying for women and girls, who fear their freedoms could be completely curtailed if the country returns to the brutal Taliban regime of 1996-2001.

With Boris Johnson facing criticism for the Government’s handling of the crisis, many have been looking for ways to help on an individual level. People left in Kabul are now facing increasingly desperate conditions, with many in need of shelter, basic supplies, and medical care.

Here are several ways you can support people in Afghanistan today.

Charitable donations

Many charities providing emergency relief are actively appealing for donations. You can help by making a financial contribution, or sharing their appeals online.

Women For Afghan Women

WAW are working day and night to provide safe shelter, resources, and aid to keep thousands of women, children, families, and their own staff safe. Donate here.

Unicef UK

As families flee their homes, Unicef is on the ground delivering life-saving assistance for vulnerable children. Donate here.

British Red Cross

The Afghan Red Crescent is on the ground in 34 of Afghanistan’s provinces. They are making sure people can get essentials - providing food, basic medical supplies, shelter, and water. They are also supporting hospitals and medical facilities, even in isolated, rural areas. Donate here.


Afghanaid are responding with emergency assistance where needed, and supporting families who have lost their homes and livelihoods. They have also re-opened a number of offices to continue work in supporting remote, rural communities. Donate here.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief have teams on the ground distributing hygiene kits, food packs, emergency shelters and more to displaced families and individuals. Donate here.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC has been responding in Afghanistan since 1988, and support displaced families with shelter, clean water, sanitation and other basic necessities. Donate here.

Use your voice

Sign a petition

Online petitions, such as this appeal demanding the Government accelerate an asylum plan for Afghan women and girls, are a quick and easy way to show your support if you are unable to donate.

Write to your MP

Demand action or simply register support by writing to your local MP or reaching out to them on social media.