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Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

Land Bridge Project implementation to start soon, minister says

Land Bridge Project implementation to start soon, minister says

Minister of Transport and Logistics Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser said that the Land Bridge Project is witnessing increased progress, and its implementation will start in the upcoming period and it’s receiving attention and support from Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.
He added that the National Transport Strategy includes over 1,000 initiatives, 30 of which are major and include the Land Bridge Project that has a significant impact on strengthening the Kingdom's position as a global logistics hub.

Al-Jasser made his remarks during a panel session on Monday during the Local Content Forum in Riyadh. He said that the project targets more than 60% local content, citing related studies.

“The transport sector has major infrastructure, including railways, vehicles and signaling systems.”

The Kingdom benefits significantly from major investments, through cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Investment and other relevant authorities, to establish industries that go along with this project, including the manufacturing of vehicles, railways and spare parts sector.

He said the Kingdom has a clear vision and interest in local content, so it developed a clear structure and mechanisms to implement its agenda.

Al-Jasser pointed out that the localization receives significant interest in the industry and is progressing well, indicating that jobs of air controller and marine dispatcher were localized.

“We are also close to localizing co-pilot and pilot jobs,” Al-Jasser said.

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