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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Lebanon's information minister resigns

Lebanon's information minister resigns

Lebanon's Information Minister George Kordahi on Friday submitted his resignation, around one month following a diplomatic row between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia over his comments criticizing the Saudi-led coalition's involvement in the war of Yemen.
"I hope this resignation will be a door to better ties with Gulf countries," Kordahi said during a press conference.

He continued that "I do not accept to be used as a reason to harm Lebanon, the Lebanese in Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries. The interest of my country and my family is above my personal interest, so I decided to give up my ministerial position."

Lebanese-Saudi relations have worsened following Kordahi's comments as Saudi Arabia expelled the Lebanese ambassador and banned all imports from Lebanon.

Kordahi had said in a televised interview recorded weeks before his appointment as the minister that the Houthis in Yemen have been defending themselves.

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