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Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

NEOM launches public exhibition to share THE LINE designs in Dhahran Expo

NEOM launches public exhibition to share THE LINE designs in Dhahran Expo

NEOM will launch an exhibition in Dhahran Expo in the Eastern Province to share the recently announced designs of THE LINE with the public.
Prince Ahmad Bin Fahd Bin Salman, deputy emir of Eastern Province, will inaugurate the exhibition next Sunday.

The display includes detailed designs, renderings and architectural concepts of THE LINE, enabling visitors to better understand the scope and complexity of the project.

The exhibition starts on Sep.6 and runs till Sep.21 at the Dhahran Expo and will offer nearly 50 guided tours per day in both Arabic and English.

The displays are spectacular and providing levels of detail that reinforce the ambition of the vision for this new urban environment.

The exhibition comes as a continuation of his tours in the regions of the Kingdom, with the aim of providing an opportunity for the largest number of citizens and residents to view the designs of the future city “THE LINE”.

The exhibition in Jeddah Superdome last August witnessed over 14,000 visitors.

On July 25, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, chairman of the NEOM Board of Directors, announced the designs of THE LINE.

The announced designs provide the most important characteristics of THE LINE, which is 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long and 500 meters high.

It will eventually accommodate 9 million residents and will be built on a footprint of 34 square kilometers.

This small footprint will use less land when compared to other cities of similar capacity and will contribute to conserving 95% of NEOM’s land.

THE LINE puts nature ahead of development, envisioning a future for urban communities without streets, cars and emissions.

Unlike traditional cities, it will run on 100% renewable energy and prioritize health and well-being over transportation and infrastructure.

During the exhibition, the public will be able to experience THE LINE first-hand and explore the endless possibilities of future living.

An online booking and registration process will ensure no overcrowding and maximum impact for guests. Visitors can now register to receive free tickets via Hala Yalla. Every tour lasts one hour.

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