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Sunday, Aug 14, 2022

No cases recorded over affecting tranquility, spirituality of Hajj pilgrims: Attorney General

No cases recorded over affecting tranquility, spirituality of Hajj pilgrims: Attorney General

Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Muajab has confirmed that no cases have been recorded during Hajj 2022 season with regards to affecting the tranquility and spirituality of the pilgrims.
It was confirmed that no cases were recorded regarding the impact on the tranquility and spirituality of pilgrims through the Public Prosecution's initiation of its criminal fieldwork through 8 specialized prosecutions in Arafat and 3 in Muzdalifah.

Al-Muajab has monitored the pilgrimage activities in the Holy Sites of Arafat and Muzdalifah through visual follow-up as he urged to continue the working process around the clock.

Al-Muajab demanded the importance of taking care of the rights and activating the guarantees established by law, in addition to taking care of the public interests, especially the interest of the Holy Sites and pilgrims.

He also praised the efforts made by the Hajj Procuratorates' staff in the services provided to pilgrims.

It is noteworthy that the Public Prosecution announced earlier that it has created 20 new specialized prosecution wings at the Holy Sites for this year’s Hajj season. The prosecution wings, namely Prosecution for Hajj Works, will operate around the clock.

The Public Prosecution stated that the new prosecution wings are specialized in all the judicial prosecution procedures, which include: investigations; Public Prosecution; appeal of judgments; oversight and inspection of prisons and places of detention; and supervision of the execution of criminal verdicts.

The Public Prosecution has also enhanced its judicial capacity to protect the Holy Sites and the pilgrims during the Hajj, and this is through its meticulous handling of criminal cases, in addition to the speedy completion of its judicial procedures in accordance with the law.

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